I require help in finding out more information regarding two albums
The first is Rocket Records PIGS-1, 1974, matrix PIGS 1 A-2U/LPFB 2, Edited Programming Sampler from the album PIGL10 "I've Got The Music In Me"
This album is reasonably self explanatory, as it has been known about for a number of years

The second album is Rocket Records, PIGS 1, 1974, matrix PIGS 1 A M/PIGS 1 B M, Olive's Choice
This is the bug bear, no mention at all on the web, not even Discogs, and only recently came to light.

As you will see the catalogue numbers are so similar as to be mistaken for each other, PIGS-1 & PIGS 1. Was Olive's Choice a sampler that was never released, as my copy has no cover but from the discolouration of both the outside sleeve and inner sleeve believe them to be from the date on the record, 1974.
Further whilst the artists appearing on Olive's Choice were artists on the Rocket Label, the tracks seem to be an odd mixture of not very well known tracks.
Can anyone help please?