.....Carmelo solo

A few pointers to the keys used in this book:
7in = 7 inch single
10in = 10 inch single
12in = 12 inch single
EP = Extended Play, usually 4 tracks
10LP = 10 inch Long Play, usually 8 tracks
LP = 12 inch Long Play, usually 10 - 12 tracks
RTR = Reel-to-Reel Tape, usually 5 inch tape reel at 3 3/4ips speed
CC = Compact Cassette
8T = 8-Track Cartridge
VT = VHS Video Cassette
BM = BetaMax Video Cassette
LD = Laser Disc
CDS = Compact Disc Single
CD = Compact Disc Album
DVD = Digital Versitile Disc
S196 = Streaming only at 196kbs
DL320 = Download only at 320kbs
VS = video stream, usually YouTube

Autumn 1983
Sons Of Heroes - Sons Of Heroes LP Ripple Records MCF 3193

A1. Living Outside Your Love (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri)
A2. Lost In Wonderland (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Geoff Grange)
A3. Don't Make It So Hard (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Sinfield)
A4. Love Insight (T. Taylor/C. Luggeri/G. Grange)
A5. Hot Kiss (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Geoff Grange)
B1. Strange Eyes (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Sinfield)
B2. Dream Machines (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Sinfield)
B3. Start Of The Human Race (T. Taylor/C. Luggeri/G. Grange)
B4. Stretched (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Geoff Grange)
B5. All Broke Up (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri)

Terry Taylor (gtr, keyb, voc)/Carmelo Luggeri (gtr, keyb, voc, bass)/Geoff Grange (voc, harm)
Additional musicians: Tony Beard (dr)/Ray Cooper (perc)/Roger Powell (keyb)/Patrick Moraz (keyb)
Guest artist: Bill Wyman (bass)

Autumn 1983
Sons Of Heroes - Strange Eyes 7in Ripple Records MCA 840

A. Strange Eyes (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Sinfield)
B. Stretched (Terry Taylor/Carmelo Luggeri/Geoff Grange)

Julian Lennon - Valotte LP Charisma 626705

A2. O.K. For You
Written by Morales, Luggeri, Lennon, Clayton

October 1984
Andy Williams - Greatest Love Classics LP EMI EL 2402071

Track 3. Vino De Amor

June 1985
Andy Williams - Vino De Amor 7in Columbia DB 9104

A. Vino De Amor

October 25 1986
Rome - Keep Your Distance 7in Network Records PLOT 7 001

A. Keep Your Distance (Geoff Grange/Carmelo Luggeri/Terry Taylor)
B. Halfway To Nowhere (Geoff Grange/Carmelo Luggeri/Terry Taylor)

12in Network Records PLOT 12 001

A: Keep Your Distance (Grange/Luggeri/Taylor) -12" version
B: Keep Your Distance (Grange/Luggeri/Taylor) -7" version

Line-up: Terry Taylor (voc, gtr, keyb)/Geoff Grange (voc)/Carmelo Luggeri (bass, keyb, gtr)

Early 1987
Rome - Sympathy 7in Network Records PLOT 7003
A. Sympathy (Geoff Grange/Carmelo Luggeri/Terry Taylor)
B. Listen To Your Heart (Geoff Grange/Carmelo Luggeri/Terry Taylor)
Line-up: Terry Taylor (voc, gtr, keyb)/Geoff Grange (voc)/Carmelo Luggeri (bass, keyb, gtr)

Early 1988
Rome - Keep Your Distance 7in CNR Records 145.394, in Holland/Belgium
A. Keep Your Distance (G. Grange/C. Luggeri/Terry Taylor)
B. All Systems Go (Geoff Grange/Carmelo Luggeri/Terry Taylor)

Line-up: Terry Taylor (voc, gtr, keyb)/Geoff Grange (voc)/Carmelo Luggeri (bass, keyb, gtr)

1992 Rhinomen - Makin' Tracks CD Thick Skin Management TSM001

1. Gloria (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)
2. Big Bertha (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)
3. You Don't Want Me (No More) (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)
4. Feelin' Paranoid (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)
5. How Can A Poorman (Alfred Reed) (Peer Southern Ltd)
6. Rhinomen (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)
7. What You Want (Ain't What You Get) (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)
8. Gloria II (Slow) (Ian Duck) (Ian Duck)

The band consisted of:
Ian Duck - Lead vocals and guitar
John Marter - Drums and backing vocals
Ian Maclaughlin - Bass guitar
Carmelo Luggeri - Lead guitar
Alison Leaberry-Smith - Backing vocals
Jane Mansfield - Backing vocals

Guest musician
Spike Edney - Keyboards

June 1994
The Very Best Of Kiki Dee CD Rocket Records 516 728-2

14. Love Is Everything (Jane Siberry) ()
15. Anyway That You Want Me (Chip Taylor) ()

Note: Produced by Penny / James / Luggeri

October 4th 1999
Various Artists - Still Crazy OST CD London 3984282352

01."The Flame Still Burns" - Strange Fruit with Jimmy Nail - (Jones / Frederiksen / Difford)
02."All over the World" - Strange Fruit - (Jones / Frederiksen / Difford)
03."What Might Have Been" - Jimmy Nail - (Ballard / Difford)
04."Brian's Theme" (Acoustic) - Steve Donnelly - (C. Langer)
05."Dirty Town" - Strange Fruit - (Lynne / La Frenais)
06."Stealin'" - Billy Connolly - (Arr. Connolly)
07."Black Moon" - Strange Fruit - (Pratt / Vyse / Difford)
08."Live for Today" - Hans Matheson - (C. Langer)
09."Bird on a Wire" - Strange Fruit with Jimmy Nail - (Jones / Frederiksen / Difford)
10."Ibiza Theme" - 22.33.44 - (C. Langer)
11."Scream Freedom" - Strange Fruit - (Jones / Frederiksen / Difford)
12."A Woman Like That" - Bernie Marsden - (Lynne / Vela / La Frenais)
13."Dangerous Things" - Strange Fruit - (Langer / Difford)
14."Brian's Theme" (Reprise) - Steve Donnelly - (C. Langer)

Carmelo is credited as co-producer

October 11th
'Still Crazy' is released on video
VT Columbia-Tristar CVR78061

DVD Columbia-Tristar CDR98061

December 1st 2004 Carmelo Luggeri - Acoustic Themes CD

01. Aurora
02. Bareback Rider
03. Raga Di Sera
04. Shawari Nights
05. Eddies' Theme
06. Raindance
07. Sabbia D'Oro
08. Through The Everglades
09. Romanzo
10. Allegria
11. La Sirena (The Mermaid)
12. Cascade
13. Freeride

All tracks performed, written and produced by Carmelo Luggeri